Meet Ashley Taylor!

Jacksonville Local, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Yoga Instructor, & Lover of Art

Growing up, Ashley was always a creative girl. Drawing was just one of her many hobbies; However, once attending college to pursue a career in health sciences, she discovered painting was a fun, calming, creative outlet outside of the stresses of school. As Ashley’s creative expression expanded, she quickly realized that she was gifted not only in the arts but in teaching, as well. She knew she had to share this gift with the world. What started out as a hobby soon became the ultimate gig of creating custom paintings and hosting super rad paint parties.

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

– Mark Twain

Custom Paintings

Ashley loves to paint nature-esque scenes, however she loves a challenge just as much. She loves to keep her customers involved in the creative process to ensure she can create the perfect piece for their homes!

Paint Parties

Ashley will create a customized painting based on the type of party selected. She has experience guiding paint parties with people of all ages and all levels of paint experience. It’s important to Ashley that her customers know that the paint parties are purely about good, relaxing fun! No experience required! And the best part? – She comes to you! Wherever you want the party to be, Ashley will work with you to make it happen. She takes care of all the supplies, setup, and breakdown. Your only job is to stay RELAXED and have FUN!



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