Don’t you think it’s a clever question? Did you notice that this ONE question has MANY answers, and many of those answers have questions with answers too. Do you know what I mean?

Where Did the Teacher Kiss the Mooser?:
The Making

Who is Mooser?

Mooser is a delightful character who stars in all four of Jenet Cattar’s Mooser book series. The idea for the books was born when Amy, Jenet’s niece, needed a theme for her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. She selected the moose. So, Jenet offered to write books for Amy’s 3rd graders and decided to create “Mooser” to support Amy’s theme.

Birth of Book 1

Amy had a photo of herself kissing a Moose in Chicago on the Magnificent Mile, and that is what planted the idea for Where Did the Teacher Kiss the Mooser? in Jenet’s mind. In the book, Jenet includes 21 different answers to this question along with illustrations created by the 21 kids in Amy’s class. Some of these answers include “In Chicago”, “On the Magnificent Mile”, “In North America”, “On a Shopping Trip with her Aunt and Her Mom” and more.

The moral of the story is:

Most questions have more than one answer, they do, and Where Did the Teacher Kiss the Mooser? will show young readers how that can be true! Order your copy today!

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